Brands are a place we love to visit over and over again – explore my vision of an integrated digital brand management.

Video is the new black – get to know me better and watch my speeches and discussions I held on events.

From tweet to chatbot – my blog provides you with consolidated information about digital brand management.

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Raised in a tailor’s family, true passion is what you keep forever – dive into my creativity mojo and share my humor.

It’s not the product, it’s the story – feel mine and the ones of my partners to discover my projects and visions.

About SMBR

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It's not the product, it's the story!

Digital Brand Architecture

A concept for visionaires, planer and builder
Brands are a place we love to visit over and over again. Thanks to digitalization you can do so in every second you breathe. But what does your ‘place’ look like? Is it a wooden cabin or brick-walled town house? With the Digital Brand Architect Concept you discover the fine art of brand architecture in times of information overload. Get inspired by setting up an architecture blueprint, running everyday life processes and mastering economic success.
Stories & Blog

Storytelling goes back to the first campfires in stoneage. With “Stories” and “SMBR” you will  now find two formats that provide idea-centered studies and news on digital brand management. Keep the fire burning and subscribe!

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Speaking in front of a clever crowd is always a grateful chance to challenge your own visions, aims and standpoints. Digital brand management lives from this exchange. You are planing a convention? Leave your message here:

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Every creator needs his personal medium. Mine is printed cloth for each mood I am running in. As in any inspirational conversation, you find people who listen, contribute and start. Discover your role and visit the BYG&White Shop.

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