Automotive meets Digital – German Car Brands

SMBR has written already quite a number of articles about the automotive industry and the implementation of efficient digital marketing. In the “SMBR Automotive Meets Digital”- catalogue the moment of truth has come! We provide a comprehensive overview on industry insights and social media evaluation results of the most premium car manufacturer of the respective markets.

Automotive meets Digital – German Car Brands

This week we focus on the exciting German market. In order to dig deep enough, we decided to drop the evaluation on the following brands:

German Car Brands on SMBR


The analysis:

For our analysis we considered the following criteria-mix for the evaluation of the above stated brands. For operational evaluation we used a couple of public internet applications (*;**):

  • Amount of Likes (Facebook): states the amount of page likes for the current perspective (*)
  • Amount of Follower (Twitter): states the amount of followers for the current perspective (*)
  • Amount of Follower (g+): states the amount of followers for the current perspective(*)
  • Sentiment Ratio: is the ratio of generally positive mentions vs. General negative mentions (**)
  • Strength: is the likelihood that your brand is being discussed in social media(**)
  • Passion: is a measure of the likelihood that individuals talking about your brand will do so repeatedly (**)
  • Reach: is the number of unique authors referencing your brand, divided by the total number of mentions (**)

(*; **


[polldaddy poll=7775221]



Channel perspective: the king of facebook is clearly BMW. Twitter is slightly dominated by AUDI whereas google+ does show Mercedes Benz as the winner of all brands. (Please note that we focus on the accounts of the origin production country, assuming that the head quarter of a brand will use the local social media account more often than others).

Fast Lane perspective: On the fast lane of social media marketing is Mercedes Benz – in regard to the total reach of all channels, it can be assumed that it is not a “one hit wonder”, but rather a structured and strategic alignment for the given account (see above).

Sentiment vs. Strength: As Mercedes Benz has not only the highest rank in strength, but also the best sentiment ratio, the result can be assumed stable. In contrast to Audi which hast the lowest sentiment ratio, but the second best strength value.

Passion, Love and Happiness: more surprising than a Porsche ranking on the first place, is that Mercedes Benz ranks 2nd here. Whereas Audi and BMW are in a solid middle field, Volkswagen is really underperforming in this category.

Reach: In terms of reach the field is quite balanced. The best brand is Audi, which is interesting for the above stated categories. A causal question arises here: can reach be a reason for (comparable) negative sentiment score?

Have a look at the following infographic to get a impression of the above stated results:

Social Media Brand Review
Inforgraphic: German Car Brands in Social Media


Final assumption: Surprisingly, Mercedes Benz won the overall race on this edition of the automitve insights. What we need to consider when we are discussing about the scores and ranks, is that the BERLIN FASHION show took place in that week, we conductd the analysis. Our scores from social mention include these information channels writing about the fashion week. So, although we a considering automotives here, it might be strongly influenced by some fashion fans, but –

– do you really care who pushes your brand on top of the rank?

Let us know and send us a comment!



  • I am really surprised by the Stats here from the social networks. I thought Audi was a much larger Brand, In the UK where I am from I see more Audis than Mercedes and would expect their brand to have a much larger presense on the social Networks. I think you should do something similar for British Car Brands Id love to see the numbers/stats for this Market compared to the German Brands.

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  • Thats an awesome idea to write an article about british car brands!
    It was quite interesting for me as well and so is the current result of the poll. Did you already vote on your favorite brand?
    Thanks a lot and all the best,

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