Branded in Social Media Networks – what are the Risks?

It is nothing new that social media is getting more interesting for businesses, the better businesses learn how to use a social media network like Twitter or Facebook. A specific factor that still keeps CEOs away from publishing on social media is the unexpected risks that may occur with their decision to run a social media strategy.

But, isn’t it interesting to see which different behaviours of brands and their brand manager are occurring even among mass media channels? Advertising in TV or radio is already perceived as old fashioned, but does not too much differ in the idea how to advertise in a mass communication channel – and so does the usage of advertising among social media networks.

Concluding my thought, I hypothese that among the possibilities of each user being able to create content (user generated content),  there must be some effects, leveraging an enormous threat of potential risks in the minds of the global brand managers.

What do you think? Is it this easy to ad, or is social media a channel which needs a complex pattern of social and psychological techniques to consider all possible risk, that may be occurring through network effects? What are the risks, brand manager have to face on social media? What are the threats that hamper the manager to run an integrated, social media strategy that is consistent across the globe?

I am so looking forward to your answers!


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