Social Media Best Practice: COS wish list on Pinterest

Definitely one of my favorite social media best practices is

the COS wish list on Pinterest!

Currently it’s all about delivering the best social media campaigns to the floods of Christmas-Power-Shopper – or as we call it “the social media war on spendings”.

Each brand that counts on it’s product shoots a more or less a good try to participate in it. Here is my favorite of these days:

COS Wishlist Guidance
COS Wishlist on Pinterest

The idea is as brilliant as it is efficient, here is why:

  •  They build their perfect target audience – the campaign challenges the targets to clearly think about their style, their pieces would like to buy and actively visit the shop site several times. This creates brilliant brand recall values.
  • The reach is increasing extraordinary and in addition this happens in one of the fastest growing networks – Pinterest! In addition – think of all the impact on their SEO – fascinating.
  • Just imagine if – YOU WIN! This believe creates a strong positive image and turns you and your pin board in real brand advocates. In addition this happens for a label which is known for minimal style and cool Swedish emotions. A brilliant way to heat up thsee cold associations.

I am totally amazed about this campaign – you can visit my pin board here.

What do you think? Do you like that one? What’s your favorite christmas campaign?

I am looking forward to your comments!


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