The T-Shirt Story


Together with friends I started my first e-commerce business “handzahm clothing” in 2008 during university. The motivation was to create shirts that transport a certain message and a good design. The shop sold the collection “everyday life heroes” with motives for ‘urban soldier’, ‘soulfood junkie’ or ‘green revolutionist’, e.g. In times when social media and e-commerce haven’t been used frequently we were a pure online company. After reaching successfully our breakeven, ways separated and we shut down handzahm.

My role

At handzahm I was responsible for ‘product’ including design, production, strategy and sales.  I created more than 25 shirt motives, from which I selected 5 motives for the first collection. We ordered our printed shirts at and managed our own stock and logistics. We only sold online, using social media for content marketing.

Lessons learned


If passion meets motivation, creativity seems endless. But to run a business it takes more than creative moments: it takes endurance and commitment. Both were challenged quite hard when I moved to South Africa for half a year. Looking back, we were quite early with our idea and had potential to scale the business.

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